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  1. Heyo, tech here.
    Just wondering, is there anything that can be auctioned off in dc's that make a decent profit? I am trying to earn 60k to erase the dirt out of my res. please, post what you think would be good.
  2. Stone is easy to auction off :)
    Diamonds would yield 120k+
    Iron Ingots auction off well
    Wood, Log are liek the BEST to auction off
    Sugar Cane does OK
    Potions do well
    [Many More I may add later]
  3. Emeralds can go for around 90k I believe or more but they can be a pain to get. If you are very patient emeralds would be efficient.
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  4. 120k+*
  5. Oh wow...
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  6. You could try your luck with Xp bottles. They normally yield to around 40k-65k
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  7. i would hardly get profit tho...
  8. I have an emerald farm you can use on my res. If you want I can show it to you.
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  9. You can also enter the voting contest for a chance at a free dirt removal ;)
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  10. Any way i could use this?
  11. Yes. I will show you how it works. Find me on smp3 sometime.
  12. Thanks so much you be on this afternoon
  13. Setting up a grinder and enchanting stuff will earn you lots of money very quickly.