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  1. hey im mining in the wild and i want to get back home when i do /home /town it says i cant coz im not in a town so how do i get back
  2. Hello, as I can see you are a new member at EMC, we have a live map that can assist you back to the outpost.

    To operate our Live Map click the following link:


    Choose the server you are currently on, then click "Live Map"

    Once there you will see the map of the town, click the "Wilderness" option. Then you may use the map to assist you safely to the nearest outpost!
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  3. Click on the "servers" then find which smp# you are on , click on live map and it will show you where you are at
    You have to playing to show up on it
  4. I am on my phone, I will be leaving to Oregon tomorrow! :p Then I wont be back until Tuesday.
  5. Dang you beat me to it, same here on my phone, have fun
  6. Hehe thanks!
  7. thats silly i have to walk back but thanks alot
  8. It might be silly but it's vanilla server and Justin wants to keep it close to one :)
  9. It's not silly, it's fun and challenging. You might change your mind in a week.
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  10. Yep living wild is prolly the best thing lol
  11. Lol same, iPhone ftw
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  12. Naw, im on my nook