[Help ASAP] Graphics Glitch

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  1. So after coming back from a "vacation" I have come onto some graphic issues. These issues only happen on minecraft and I have no idea why. Here's a video showing it. The glitch is just random colors and items in my inventory "spazzing" as you could say. Any help would be appreciated :)

    EDIT: Sorry about second monitor :p
  2. I believe this might be the version of Optifine your using. If you use Forge to load Optifine, update Forge as well. Things like this may also occur if you're using a different version than intended for the mod (1.8.0 Optifine on 1.8.7 Minecraft, for example)
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  3. I have no mods installed :/
  4. Often it is a problem with minecraft itself try to reset your client and see if that fixes the problem.
  5. Fixed :) Don't know but just randomly fixed it self :D
    Right when I say that it come back so problem is still not resolved, I even use a different profile when playing.
  6. Huh, it seemed as if you were using Optifine. I guess I haven't seen much of a difference in settings for quite a while =P
  7. I don't know what to do other than re download MC...
  8. Always check if your Graphic Drivers are up to date, That one.

    Don't know any others tho. :(
  9. I remember another player having a similar issue, and their graphics drivers needed updating. That is what I recommend, and try reinstalling as well.