Help - Are you able to dye Independence Day Armor?

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  1. I seem to have a pair of Independence Day boots that are dyed a slight shade off of their actual color. Would I be able to make them colorless in a cauldron and then correctly color them using red dye? Would this break any part of the item? Is it safe to do?
  2. I dyed my Voter's Gear pink, so I think I-Day Gear can be dyed too as they both have final.. :p
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  3. The colors on them cannot be obtained through dying, though they can be dyed if you want to. :(
  4. Why do you always post before me you are to fast for me....
  5. Oh :( so my boots are 'broken'?
  6. You won't be able to obtain the exact colour to make them original, so technically yes, I'm not sure if staff would re-colour them for you or not though... They might seeing as how it is Final, always worth a shot at messaging senior staff I guess?
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  7. Will do, thanks.
  8. Did you get any result to this yet? Just wondering as I too would like to know the outcome :)
  9. Krysyy said she'll look when I put it in my vault, just did. So now we wait.
  10. Alright, let us know what happens :)
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