[HELP] Anyone know why my items glitch back into chests?

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  1. I play on SMP7 and i always have a full inv because My items glitch back into my inv or chests. Could someone tell me how to fix it or how to avoid it?
  2. Probably lag, post some speedtest.net results
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  3. Does this always happen - Try it again after a Server Reboot. This may help sort things out to where they should be.

    I have interpreted this as a form of Lag. It is deceiving though because an item WILL show up in your inventory until you need it :p

    But it really has to do with the client side and the server not syncing up just right
  4. Happens to me, and I have a F+ on www.speedtest.net so that explains it. :p
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  5. They put the plus on there to make you feel a little bit happier about yourself. When in all reality - an F is an F
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  6. Realllyy.jpg
    I know I have bad Internet, that's why I'm getting something better... :3 right now I have AT&T DSL... I'm switching to Time Warner Cable/Roadrunner Internet
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  7. Haha, i have a D+ and rarely lag:p
  8. Sounds like lag on your end. It could also be due to server lag but I would definitely look into how fast your Internet can send and receive information to the server. You won't actually lose your items when this happens you just need to make sure that you know where you want them to be and where they are now. Perhaps when moving items between your inventory and chests wait 5 seconds to confirm it's where you want it.
  9. These are my speedtest results:
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  10. AUSSIE
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  11. To all of u that asked my speedtest results my ping is 11ms my download speed is 25.90 Mbs and my upload speed is 5.49 ( i know i didnt get enough bandwith). And it is deffinetley not lag because i have high speed internet from cox and my mc has 3 gigs of ram.
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  12. It is not my lag because mc has 3 gigs of ram and my speedtest results are
  13. The Lag I refer to is not the same as reduced Framerate... which would coincide with RAM and download speed...
  14. My download speed is fine my upload not so fine
  15. Your upload is actually great to American standards.
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  16. I have the same problem and I got a B-, I assume it's a 1.3 issue.
  17. G-Day mate ;)