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What should my next goal be?

Entire res size fully auto wheat/carrot/potato farm. 6 vote(s) 54.5%
Enitire res fully automatic sugarcane farm. 5 vote(s) 45.5%
  1. Hey guys,

    I've found myself losing interest in EMC. I just can't really do anything without a goal in mind. I have a kind of never ending goal of having one of every special EMC items and I am happy to say I've caught up with it. With this great communities' creative minds I know you can help me think of another great long term goal. I will set up a poll but please if you have any ideas please post below, thank you :D. It's not at all limited to farms, just trying to give an idea on how ambitious it can be.
  2. Did I mention winning idea gets 10k? ;)
  3. A public Pixel Art Plot where players are granted access to create some pixel art and display it...
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  4. TTMOF: 2015 edition
  5. What does that mean xD
  6. Create a netherhound farm and I will pay you 300k for it and the design :p
  7. The Twelve Months of Farming.. hence the signature.
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  8. I like that, thanks :)
  9. A samsimx shrine!
    But in all seriousness, whenever I lose interest in MC I like to go out into the wilderness with nothing or little to nothing and do it again. You can also focus on doing something like a large-scale build, plan and host your own event, or my favorite would be to set a rupee goal then get to that.
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  10. Thanks, and I agree with you on the wilderness thing. I did that awhile back and am pretty far out :D
  11. A complex redstone computer that does things (ignore the fact that your neighbors will hate you forever because of lag.)
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  12. A giant flippin burrito shrine. Two residences wide, ten residences long. The main challenge is getting people to rally in support of a giant burrito shrine.
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  13. massive 5dc rail roller-coaster.
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  14. I've always had the goal to mine an entire desert.
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  15. make a mountain flat till you get to y=0-10(10 because of diamond!) ? you may have to cut trees deal with dirt, find coals and minerals and sometimes hit to the cave that you need an adventure. You will know how many blocks the mountain was and you'll gain blocks to build a big building for your next goal ;) just an Idea
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  16. You're welcome to steal or help with my long-term goal which is to get a DC of every item in Minecraft. It's a lot harder than it sounds and it sounds pretty hard. Each day I have some time to play minecraft and there's not an event going on I'll pick a handful of items and get them, whether it's mining or crafting. I exclude promo items of course, for those I just want one of each.

    oh and I consider it cheating to buy *anything* that relates to this goal.

    I've made some decent progress so far.
    • Beacon DC
    • Dragon egg DC
    • Wither skull DC
    • EnchGapple DC
    • Diamond Block DC
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  17. A DC of diamond blocks would ONLY need 9 DC's of normal diamonds which would cost about 2.5 mil :p
  18. okay okay I can't do a Dragon egg DC but everything else is possible.

    I haven't started on beacons or wither skulls (but I have a few of each)... don't people have wither skele farms that would make this rather doable?

    if EnchGapple are the golden apples or notch apples, those are entirely possible either by mining or gold farm.

    Diamond Blocks are the easiest of all of those, will just take many hours of mining. Good thing this game is called Minecraft.

    edit: I would never buy anything to complete this goal. That would defeat the purpose. In fact the only thing I'm using rupees for is to buy the promos I don't have.
  19. I have two wither skele farms.
    The first one has been hijacked, and does about 3 skulls an hour.
    The second one was part of TTMOF and does not work at all.