Help a Twitch Streamer out!

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  1. Hello guys!

    I'd like to ask you all a big favor!

    My friend Leon Strife I, is a fellow streamer on Twitch. He has been doing it for a year or 2 now.

    He has a few people watch his streams here and there, and I watch them every time I can.

    Leon is a very kind person, and has good quality videos. He loves to interact with his audience and chat with them.

    He has a few regular watcher, but I want to help him grow at least a little.

    If you guys would just consider watching at least one of his streams, and if you like it feel free to subscribe to him, if not then that's ok just go find a streamer that's right for you! :)

    It would mean a ton to him! Please give him a shot <3

    Thanks a bunch for your time!
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  2. He does various Xbox 360 and 1 games

    My personal favorites are
    Watchdogs and Splinter cell

    But please do not beg for a certain game

    Edit: He does usually start his stream 12am-3am after work, but when is doesn't have work he does it in the late afternoon sometimes :)
  3. Bump if he isn't live tonight (morning) then try Sundays :)
  4. I'll check it out
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  5. He just went live! Let's show him some love guys :)