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  1. Asking for people to follow you? Really :confused:
  2. Wait so you want us to follow you? >.> Earn it.
  3. Hai Der, Because of
    You lost my follow >.>
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  4. Earn followers.
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  5. Yea dude, I really don't ask for follows, I give, and plus, I am like 1000 following more than you :p
    Anyways, I really don't need the follow in return. I really would not compete over getting follows, so sorry.
    I'm sure others feel the same way about this. :)
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  6. Oh well, I tried...
  7. Well try to catch up to me and equinox, he just hit 2000 following and I am like 400 away :p
  8. :D Thanks Penguin for giving meh 900 likes :)
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  9. Oh, and for anyone's information, I just followed more people than equinox, and we both are following a few over 2000 <3 give him some love for letting me do this :p