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  1. wats up guys im not too old =P but i love minecraft i have been playing on the server for a few days and already got a fairly big house....not showin off or anything...if u wana add me on skype my name is radiated_monkey...iv used this name for the past 2 years....i usually play wen i have more than 2 frends online cuz we like big confrences...lol anyway hi!! :rolleyes:
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  2. Welcome to the server, I hope to see you on soe time.

    P.S. Your avatar s too much like mine:eek:
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  4. hi guys im new and i just wanted to say HELLO IM PROFFESOR GRIZWAAAAALLLLLLLLLDDDDDD!!!!!! if u dont get that reference then go on youtube and search BlueXephos P.S. contains swear words ;P
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  5. The greatest creeper chain ever above... Pretend I didn't break it.