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  1. My name is obviously xI_LIKE_A_PIGx, and i have never posted a thread welcoming myself to EMC. When i first came upon this website i made an account and gladly played on this server. I didn't even know how to post a thread at that time. LAWLS!But now i have learned the ways of an average EMC player. Thanks for teaching me everything about EMC. Im sure we will have a great future to come.
  2. Welcome to EMC, Pig! (I'll just call you Pig) And I can see your a Gold Supporter, and I hope you enjoy your time at EMC! Also, what SMP?
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  3. Welcome to the empire, although we've seen each other on many occasions on smp7.
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  4. Welcome to the empire :)
    Even though we talk like every day lol
  5. Ikr.....
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  6. Hey! I like pigs! :)
  7. Oh, I play on the Wild in SMP7 (Main is SMP5)
  8. Nice. smp7 has a pretty much griefed wild, as so do the other servers....
    Excluding Utopia.
  9. I live in a Wild Outpost. Also, for some fun, click the troll face under me.
  10. Is it the trolol game? Pfttt already beat it....
  11. I'd rather not click it.....
    Please tell me about it beofre i click it! :)