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  1. hi I Zezmeril. I'm kind of shy so please don't expect much conversation out of me.
  2. Welcome to the Empire, where the shy (and outspoken) are always welcomed!!
  3. Enjoy Empire!
  4. how do i apply to the forums for mod
  5. Don't hijack a fourm. Also, don't ask.
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  6. this is WAY off topic, so please dont post this stuff, PM a mod. and hello and welcome to the yogscas......errrr.....empire...
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  7. darn your fast fingers :p
  8. k
  9. k srry
  10. welcome to the empire have you decided what server your going to go on
  11. yes smp6
  12. cool if you need anything just ask
  13. Welcome, and also, hellow :D
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  14. Welcome to the Empire! :D