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  1. hi im nicpic100 i like to build on my res go out into wild and make secret bases i am on smp6 at 13338 come visit me i have a lot of friends but the ones i hang with most are silken_thread and cvss1022 be sure to check out there reses on smp6 thank you for you time bye
  2. I would welcome you, but you joined the same day I did, so...
    Welcome to the forums!!
  3. lol
  4. Welcome..But you joined before me. Also, if you are gonna be on SMP6, be sure to visit my res that will soon have a shop 13165. It has a really awesome piston cobble generator that generates 4 cobble at once.
  5. Yay, more members! Congrats on joining!
  6. The site
  7. oidgod i know where you got that picture from