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When did you join?

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  1. Hello, everyone! I have been a member for a while, but never introduced myself, or posted tot he forums. So I thought I'd start with an introduction about myself.

    I joined the great Empire in October 2011, and knew this would be the best server I had ever been on. And it was. I got my own residence, I forget the number today, but i remember going to the Live Map and just searching a random open residence and I claimed it from there. I got to work, building a house, I remember venturing out into the wild, and it was daytime in the wild for the whole weekend. After i found some trees,(it was almost impossible, there were no trees! they were all floatiy overgrown trees that i had to climb up and get the bits of pieces from the remaining tree) I went home and continued building. I then thought about making a shop, and went to work. I expanded my house and built 2 more floors: floor 2 for the shop, floor 3 for my bedroom. I had my shop up for a bit, had a few people come over and some gave advice, telling me what was to expensive or too low priced. I then wanted to add to my shop, but there was no room. I decided to make a seperate building for my shop, and use the previous floor my shop was in i would use for storage. My shop building was small, and had about 3 floors. By that time I had a cobblestone generator (the simplest design) and thought going to the wild to mine was too dangerous and not worth it. (or because i was lazy) By this time I was going on less and less. At one point, I stopped going on at all. I deleted it from my server list, and practically forgot it for a year. I remember becoming active again when they announced your plot would be reset when you were inactive for 10 days. I freaked out, and went back to smp1 finding my residence was gone. I had no idea it would be reset. I felt frustrated, All the stuff in my chests gone, all i had were worn out diamond tools, wheat, wood and cobble. I then moved to smp 2 i think, but reset it to move to smp4. I am still there today and hope to become a supporter soon.