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  1. Hi, i'm SkyHookers (Just call me Sky because you know the other part means...).

    I am a newbie to multiplayer but known to minecraft.
    I have a premium account and i get a problem called: Bad login.

    Help and hi.

  2. I am having the same problem, and like you are new to this server. If you find out the problem i would greatly appreciate it if you could instruct me on how to fix it.
  3. Welcome to EMC! To fix the bad login just close Minecraft, reopen it, and try again :)
  4. Welcome to the Empire!
  5. Welcome to EMC but I have a feeling some Moderator will have a chat about your name with you :/
  6. Welcome to the Empire!
  7. I believe that the system just took a while to register me, i am now happily building a house and the server is amazing
  8. hi sky, hope you have a good time in the empire
  9. Welcome! hope you enjoy the empire wat server are you on? (nice name :3)
  10. I use to be on smp7 and smp1.
    but this isn't the best server I have been in.

    The Town world seems.. a little lonely but other than that, Wilderness is awesome.