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  1. This is my Introduce Myself Thread! As you might know me as LittleBlueBun, My name is actually Haley. I currently just past my 365'th day, so i decided a Thread about me would be fantastic! Well i joined empire about 380 days ago, So on 1/4/14. I got Minecraft For Christmas. I was not really sure how to play just then, But my cousin Collinfire58, helped me out alot with playing Minecraft.

    I started playing everyday after school then it turned out to be a 3:00PM to 5:00 AM routine. I came addicted to my grandmothers computer, Then my birthday came around and i got my own laptop. I was sooo excited! I would play ALL night and all day trying to make shops,going to the waste downloading mods for singleplayer worlds. It was awesome.

    Then i started to make lots of friends! Luckycmusic45 helped me out alot, also We3Nub and alot of others also did. I started hearing about this app/download called Mumble. Thats when it all began. Making new friends. All my friends became derelict except only a couple. I gained more friends soon after, like hawkeye1954 (1955 is alt) and animalgirl120 then more gathered.

    It was hard to Keep struggling in school with behavioral issues well minecraft released alot of stress and mental anger. I was kept away from all my friends because the always thought i was that one weird kid who LOVES anime.

    Well then my friend Grace came along she played with me alot on minecraft then she quit minecraft forever. But Then she is moving soon. But my friends on here, Help me alot. Some of us have stress, anxiety and mental anger. That can't hold us down. We rise back up and pick up the pieces of our own puzzle and put it back together.

    This is my Show My Self Thread of 2016. I hope to do an updated one in 2017 and 2018.
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  2. Well you are a bit weird xD but we all are weird in our own way. I should make one of these but i am bad with words :/.
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  3. Hi Haley. Great to meet you. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. :)
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