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  1. Hello every one.

    You can call me Tom... :cool:

    I always used to play Single Player on Minecraft, but I realized that my creations wont get noticed! So I decided to look for a Multiplayer Server to play on. I found this one and decided to give it ago. After being on it I must say I'm impressed on how you have configured the server. You have literary made Minecraft into a better game.

    And for that I salute you.

    My residence address is 646 if you would like to pop over for a visit. At the moment I'm planning on building a huge tree house. If you visit my place you will soon understand. :p
  2. We're very glad you're enjoying yourself. What started as a private server for us to enjoy with a few friends has blown up into something we never imagined. We're proud of it but can't take all the credit. Without you guys we would be nothing, so thank you!
  3. Welcome Tom. It's always awesome to hear what people think of the server.

    Just checked out your res and it already looks fantastic.
  4. Thanks! I'm liking how its turning out so far. I'm not planning anything I am just doing it as it comes haha