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Have you met me in-game?

Yes 3 vote(s) 37.5%
No 5 vote(s) 62.5%
  1. Hello! I'm TheStickMan999. How are you? I'm fine. I live at 18715 on smp9. I don't really have much more to say. Although I will ask you a question: Have you met me in-game?
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  2. I think a few times I've met you online but we never really greeted each other. Nice to meet you and Welcome to the Empire! :D
  3. Hi Stick. Welcome to the Empire. No i have not met you in game yet. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  4. I have been here for about 13 days, but I just registered on the forums. Hope you all have a good day!
  5. I think I remember you... Wait I think that's Dr_Cocolate... I'm not sure
  6. Hey there! Welcome to the Empire :D
  7. What ever the matter you will be meeting me with my hook in hand hehehe

    (Welcome btw :))
  8. Hello... I remember you...
  9. What nah
  10. Coming to meet you right now :p
  11. I'm not actualy on currently.
  12. Welcome to the empire, StickMan! I haven't met you in-game yet, but hopefully I will see you at mobarena. :)
  13. Welcome to the Empire! :)