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  1. I'm new here. Name's datalizard, and I'm very glad I found this server. I don't do well in PVP, but am a great merchant.
  2. Welcome to EMC! there isn't a whole lot of pvp here so you won't have to worry. only in the arena. Any other pvp is against the rules. There is a HUGE opportunity for any merchant though as the market on EMC has many many many opportunities. Especially with how our /town works and how our shops/malls work. there is also this cool little toy that can either help you out a little bit or completely foil your plans, use with care and understand how it works before you put too much stake in the info beyond casual use: http://azoundria.com/emc/market/

    Edit: must credit the player Azoundria with the creation of this site, even if it is (azoundria).com

    The time went into it had to have been impressive.
  3. Welcome, datalizard. Glad to see new people with confidence in their abilities.
    EMC is an awesome economic server, i think you'll like it here. The community is great, no doubt.
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  4. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  5. Welcome to EMC!
  6. Welcome to EMC, escape is futile.

    Also, as someone will ask it, what SMP have you made your home?
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  7. SMP 3. Also, that GIF, man.
  8. Welcome to the Empire datalizard. Enjoy your stay and we can always use more shops on smp3. :)
  9. Welcome to EMC!
    Good luck being a merchant! Only advice I would give, is to look about all the different shops and get a really good feel for prices!
    See you around!
  10. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  11. :cool:
    Welcome to EMC!
  12. Welcome to the Empire datalizard! Enjoy your stay. :)