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  1. Hi all Empire Minecrafters :D
    I've been a member of EMC for 59 days now, but I┬┤finally decided to make this post.
    I'm a guy that love MineCraft, gaming and cats.
    I love the Empire.
    I have got TONS of new friends here :D
    I live in res 6338 in SMP3, where I got a soon-to-open shop and a few games.
    I would love if you guys came there ;)

    P.S Hereby on, I will write all my posts on the forum in RED! ;)

  2. Welcome aboard Alex! Wow, you been longer than me in EMC, glad you like this server :D

    Me too, minecraft, games and my cat Lily. Don't forget my dog and fish ;)

    I live in SMP3 too, I will check your res out soon. Consider coming over to my res too :D (No one wants to fish :()
  3. You like cats, you must really like the new updates :)
  4. Thats strange, Justin never asked this, Ill ask it then:

    How did you find the Empire?

    And welcome to the server, even if its 56 days since you joined :p :)
  5. Yes, I really love it, can't wait to get my own little kitty in my res :)
  6. It's 59, not 56 :p

    Also, I found it when I was bored on a Friday, and I was looking for servers.
    I'm really glad I found this one :D
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  7. Hey, welcome Alex, glad you are enjoying yourself here at EMC. :)
  8. *Goes fishing in your res*
  9. Welcome to EMC! Make sure to stop by my shop at 8017 on smp4!
  10. I said I'm not new here, I have been here for 59 days :3
  11. I didn't say you were I just wanted to say welcome.