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  1. My name is Asasurd,

    Joined the empire a few days ago and I am now an iron member. I am 17 live in the UK and I work as a CAD Designer for a car design studio.
    I play a lot of PC games as well as competing for an airsoft team IRL. My favourite games are, Minecraft, World of Tanks, Company of Heroes and Desktop Dungeons.
    Looking forward to meeting lots of you guys over the coming months,

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  2. Wow cool, you do CAD for car design, is it all custom one off stuff or are you designing stuff for car manufacturers?
  3. Thats how everyone should introduce themselves even tho i didnt do it properly :D
    Pleasure to meet you and i think ive already seen you on the server :3
  4. That's an awesome job, and at 17 no less. Glad to have you here.

    Is it weird that when I see your name I think "absurd"?
  5. No , sounds fine go me
  6. Welcome to the empire :p
  7. Welcome to the EMPIRE!!!!! Nice intro by the way! way more thought put into it than when i did mine.
  8. The CAD is basicaly me modeling single parts decribe to me by other engineers.
  9. You should try master cam then :p
  10. I try to be as friendly as possable, but my english is so bad, even being british.
  11. Iam also the worlds gayest staight man when it comes to music...