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  1. Hi! I am pink mystery. I share this file with my little sister. We get along (sometimes). I like to play with my older brother green mystery. He paid for our file. We want to play nice and have fun and get new friends!!! :)
  2. Hi, hope you enjoy EMC! If you ever need some help just pm me and I'll see if I can help.
  3. hahahaha.That is great.
  4. Play along now everybody. They're still young, and can get their feelings hurt. ;)
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  5. I think its rather cute.
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  6. well said silly! next we need yellow_mystery.... will that be your grandma??? ;)
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  7. No the littlest sister
  8. That would probably be hot_pink_mystery then.
  9. Welcome! Pink_Mistery :D

    Hope you have fun with us, and remember any time you have a trouble with anyone, don't call me, call your brother :p
    If you need help, ask for it to muah!
  10. I like your avatar! Hope you have fun playing :)
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  11. Thanks for welcoming them guys. They reside in SMP1 res #964. I had to split their residence in two parts so they wouldn't fight :p

    Good idea! I'll send my grandma a link to this site right away. :p
  12. Yet...
  13. wow... pink your already a diamond supporter???? no fair! :eek: