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  1. I am Lulupupu. It's my first day on this server and I have no idea what I am doing. :D
  2. Welcome! Don't worry, I've been here over 800 days and I still don't know what I'm doing. ;3 Which SMP did you settle on?
  3. Welcome to EMC! I thought you might find this useful. Happy Minecrafting. :)
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  5. Thank you. :D
    I am already using it. There are just sooo many new commands that I am not used to yet.
    Too much information to process in one day, I think. :p
  6. lol. I know the feeling. Don't think I did much more than dig for the first week :p Don't worry, before long you'll be an expert. :D
  7. Welcome to the Empire!! :DDD