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  1. Hello there minecrafter's. I put some info on my profile if you care to look at it. Any questions you have for me please ask, I don't mind talking to people. Well have a good day.

    - Neo
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  2. Hello (-:
  3. Hi there neonaught, always glad to see players around my own age on EMC.
    If you need any help with anything don't hesitate to give me a shout :)
  4. Sounds good man, I'm on SMP6 right now, I'm hoping to have a good sized castle before long and i wouldn't mind a few comments or suggestions. I'm using the KoP 1.2 V1 Classic texture pack so if there are comments could you add what text pack you are using so i can see it through your eye's. Thanks in advance.
  5. I'm using a realistic HD texture pack atm, looks really good.
    I'm on SMP3 and have built myself a castle, come check it out if your in need of some inspiration, i'll be glad to come help you with yours also.