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  1. Hi there :)
    Sooo... I'm new... (obviously ;P) umm.... kuraudochuu kinda dragged me here so I'm not really sure what I'm doing. I believe I'll be living on smp8... Oh! I like talking (kinda not really) on mumble with everyone (you should too~ people there are really nice/funny), I'm really shy and awkward, I enjoy music and food (yum~ <3), I'm babbling like a baboon right now and I still have no idea what I'm doing~!
    Hopefully we can be friends :D
  2. Welcome to the empire! :) Hope you have an awesome time on EMC with this wonderful community. :cool:
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  3. Thank you!
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  4. That pesky kuraudochuu...

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here.
  5. Welcome :D The adventure awaits you!
  6. Well Welcome to the Empire. Hope you have fun on Emc like rest of us here.
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  7. hey jess, welcome and its dan
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  8. It always seems to be kuraudochuu... :p
    But anyways, welcome to the empire :D
  9. hello there chika
  10. Hahaha~ Thank you!
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  11. Hiya~!
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  12. ^.^ Thank you!
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  13. Thanks Dan :)
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  14. Thank you~! XD
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  15. Thank you! :D
  16. Thanks~! :)
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  17. Welcome! Amd first tip, you can quote everyone in one post :p
  18. Thanks! >.<
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  19. Welcome! I spend a lot of time on smp8, so I'll be happy to answer any questions in game if you have any :D