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  1. I am Zukodark. I live in Norway and is a boy. I like to create! The ploblem is that I don't have enough time to make BIG projects. My most popular is a SkyBlock more than 450 wiews, and more than 200 downloads. I am playing in smp 5, and is selling wooden planks there, for a very low price! My hamachi server is so BORING somentimes, then I found this! Thanks for every comment!
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  2. Kind of sad, you thank us for every comment and nobody posts.. Sorry! :(
    EMC is kind of slow at this hour, all our American people are sleeping.
  3. I'm Canadian. ):
  4. Thank god for that! We dont like em ^^

    Anyways, nice to hear that your happy here - its important for the community that people like you are here to keep the love alive :)
  5. I like the americans! They buy my stuff!

    welcome to emc zukodark hope you enjoy it here :)