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  1. This is my first official thread in my first 20 minutes of being part of the empire! I have loved it so far! Thanks JustinGuy! Sorry I will never get to see him :(
  2. Welcome to the Empire! Where the creepers hug back!
    Hope you stick around, if you ever need any help, feel free to find me on smp4, or any other server really :)
  3. Welcome to the Empire! :D
    We hope you enjoy your stay here.
  4. Welcome to the Empire! Enjoy your stay!
  5. Welcome to the empire meng :D
  6. What???
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  7. Heeeelloooo and WELCOME!!! :)
  8. Welcome to the empire! :) You will have a BLAST here. :p
  9. Thank you everybody!! :)
  10. Welcome to the Empire! What smp did you choose to live on?
  11. Welcome to the Empire DanDaMano! :) Hope you like it here :D
  12. Welcome to the empire! Also, Justin may return one day, nobody knows... :/
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  13. Ive chosen smp3. I hope to respark the smp3 dream!
  14. welcome! you need a mouth
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  15. #americandream

    Smp2 is better.
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  16. Welcome to the Empire! Remember, never buy anything but promos from /shop! I just bought a stack of cooked beef by accident, and it was horribly expensive. :)
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  17. Welcome to EMC, hope to see you in smp7 :D.
  18. Welcome! I'm the potato guy.
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  19. So true :p Just kidding