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  1. Hi, been a member of EMC for awhile but i haven't done much on the forums till now. Thought i'd start with an introduction. Some of you may know me from SMP1, the majority probably do not though. Can't really say much about myself, other then i'm an easy going dude whose not hard to get along with. I enjoy Minecraft as i'm sure most of you do lol. Mainly the building aspect of it, because your possibilities are almost limitless.

    Speaking of which if anyone needs a helping hand on there residence be sure to pm me. Whenever i'm not busy with my own i'm happy to help others free of charge. Hope to work on many projects, love seeing a finished project in all its glory :).
  2. Hehe, Welcome to the forums! :)
  3. Welcome to the forums! If you need any help navigating the site which I am sure you shall be fine with just give me a pm :) Have fun!
  4. Welcome! and don't worry about being late with your intro, it took me 3 months to get round to using the forums :) in fact I don't think my intro thread actually got any replies, so your beating me there :p

    So again welcome, feel free to stop by SMP2 if you ever need a change of scenery or some new faces to talk to :D
  5. Thanks, and i'll be sure to remember you if i get lost =P.
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  6. I'll be sure to check out SMP2 sometime, I haven't strayed much from SMP1.
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  7. Thank you, nice GIF =p
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  8. Hi! Welcome to the Forums! Hope to see you around! :cool:
  9. Thank you, should bump into one another at some point. Specially if you frequent SMP1 =p.
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  10. Do you like Putatoes or llamas or breadfish better.... DO UUUU?
  11. I think Putatoes, haven't had any of the other stuff :I.
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  12. Not to eat XD
  13. Lol, still Putatoes then.
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