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  1. I am Sackov, and I am known for building ships and maritime vechicle (well atleast on my old server). anyways I left my old server because they would always change things and not tell anyone, the owner promoted his friends then they would never be on, and because of servere greifing. I am Hopeing this server will be different then the last one.
  2. Welcome. I'm sure you'll find it much friendlier and more fair here.
  3. Welcome to the Empire! Sorry to hear of your previous bad experience. It's stories like this though that keep Justin & I motivated even more to keep the Empire growing strong. We feel that we've eliminated most griefing with our protected town. If there is anything else you think we can improve on, please don't hesitate to post it on the forums. We depend on member ideas to grow the best we can.
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  4. Justin and Jeremy are the nicest admins we have. They always tell us when there going to change things or they want are input on ideals. They also set up the server to only let the people you want to use your plot (so keep all your items there not in the worlds unless you hide them :p). Other then that welcome to the empire.
  5. thank you for the tips