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  1. Well i will introduce my self. My name is davi but most people call me dave.
    i live in rotterdam, the netherlands. and i am 18.

    Just finished collige as Web-Developer so lots of time to basicly hangaround and play some Minecraft/WoW those are my 2 addictions :p
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  2. I love you Dave
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  3. Do you love me too?
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  4. Sorry i just like you as a friend and i would not wana ruin anything. *friendzoned*
  5. Web Dev Cool :p
  6. Like playing video games all day wasint nerdy enaugh i wanted to learn programing to just top it off :p
  7. Your cat has me hypnotized
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  8. Lol and welcome to emc!
  9. Welcome to EMC! :D How did you find us?
  10. Nobody loves you.

    Welcome to EMC Daviv! I hope you have a swell time on EMC! :)
  11. Thats what everyone is looking at from my perspective :D
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  12. Hehe its a bit buggy but you know it happins but i have been enjoying my self :)


    Mmo-champion :p
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  13. Welcome to the Empire!
  14. Welcome to the Empire!
  15. Welcome I hope that you enjoy minecraft and I think Green_Mystery AND Pink_Mystery BOTH agree with me (They are my brother and sister).:p
  16. Welcome to the family
  17. Thanks all i do feel very welcome :)