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  1. i like to know how the sever is hosted
  2. What do you mean? What server? The game servers? I host my dedicated servers in a co-location in Florida, and the web side of stuff (like this site) on the Rackspace cloud (previously Slicehost).
  3. how is it host what the head computer
  4. can you re-word that please? I can't understand what your asking for or wondering about. :confused:
  5. how is the sever set up can i get a pic of that?
  6. Sorry man I have no idea what you mean. You want a picture of a server?
  7. you'd have to ask JustinGuy about that... it might be like secret or something I don't know
  8. he wants to know like how the server is hosted and like how it is set up like including the plugins and stuff
  9. We run Bukkit, plugins are Empire Core, Empire Rupees, Empire Chat (based off of HeroChat), Empire Shops (based off of Chest Shops), Empire Residence (based off of Residence). The only plugins we run out of the box is the Multiverse Suite (multiple world management) and Dynmap (I have only modified the web side not the server plugin). I know this doesn't help because it is almost all custom but that is what makes us so great :p
  10. Yea, most plugins are programmed by our very clever in house custom plugin creator who goes by the name of JustinGuy.

    Unfortunately these pluggins ~because they are custom~ are not available anywhere else, and there is no way you can get your hand on them, they are programmed specifically for the Empire and are what makes EmpireMinecraft such a revolutionary server.

    Hope this helps you, but yea, i couldn't understand your questions :)
  11. I fully did not see your post Justin XD I am glad that my understanding that the custom plugins make the server so great is correct :D
  12. is it vps or run off a computer
  13. Neither, they are run on dedicated servers. VPS is a virtual private server and is a small chunk of a dedicated server.
  14. oh i am try to said it it web host or computer host