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  1. does anyone know how t reset ure residence so it is blank
  2. At this time we do not have a way to do this, so the best way would be to just break down your items. Sorry.
  3. its ok we have tnt dun dun dun
  4. >.< Sorry for more bad news. TNT is disabled in town to prevent damage to things outside your residence. The hope is in the future we can find a work around to prevent TNT from doing damage outside the res, but currently it doesn't exist.
  5. Yes two updates in the future (I am working on):

    Turn TNT on in town (I have to make it so it won't blow up stuff outside the res)
    The ability to "reset" a residence (so its just dirt again)

    Sorry these haven't been done yet :)
  6. thats ok ime fine waiting