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  1. just wanted to say hello. im halfway through the tut and im laughing so hard in crying and i cant breathe.... i auctualy had to take a break and write this post so i could survive....

    i hope i make tons of friends. i love this server already XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  2. I'm glad you found the tutorial so entertaining BetrayedChalice. One of our aims was to make it at lease a little fun and amusing.

    Welcome to the Empire! :)
  3. Nice to have you, glad you enjoyed it :)
  4. I like to do the tut too. Its good. XD
  5. I had the feeling I was trapped in an Indiana Jones film the entire time, I was waiting on a gigantic stone ball to fall down and chase after me. The funny thing though is that people go through the tutorial rooms, see the commandments posted on every turn, yet people still break them lol.
  6. Yeah I don't know what more we could do. Maybe make people write and essay on the rules and mail it in LMAO
  7. I always joked to friends that these kind of games should require a basic IQ test. I don't mind the cursing and harrassing in chats as much as begging. It eats me all up. But its best to just keep my mouth shut, its something I have matured while playing games online. Thats why I rarely talk in chat thats not trade related.
  8. Did you make the tutorial harder, or is it the same?
  9. You should be able to visit it with /tutorial inTown.
  10. I know this, I wasn't in town, so I figured asking for an answer was easier than me making my way back to town just to find out, because I would have forgotten when I got back,

    never mind, done, that thing is still way too easy.
  11. Jump Puzzles would be better with lava at the bottom. Each jump you make, on that block, there a sign stating one of the Commandments. If you fall, you'll die. So people can home their parkour skills while memorising the Commandments, Good? Or make it FUN ! Like make a theme park tutorial centre ( TPTC) Use games to help the new people learn! For example, the Commandment: THou shalt obey the moderators, you could make a game similar to Simon Says, to teach them. Right?

    Do you guys think my idea is good? I bet everyone would like to learn through games. It is one of the most effective learning methods.
  12. Another effective method is to read the signs, read the Empire guide, and not act like a fool. This is much easier. :)
    This is how I learned the rules, in addition to knowing respect which was taught to me as a child and forced into me even more as a military service member...
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  13. I would love to be able to make the tutorial more fun.

    It would be very cool to make some things similar to what you suggested Flyingarticles. However, we have to work within the limits of Minecraft, and also within the limits of how much time and inspiration we have to design such a fantastic and clever tutorial and how much time and inspiration Justin has to program it to make it do what we want it to.

    The current tutorial was a huge amount of work to design, build, and program. But it's always good to dream about what could be possible in the future.

    And yes, learing while you're having fun is totally the best way to learn. We do it all the time actually... without even knowing it.

  14. thanks everyone for all the posts. i play on SMP2. i built a really huge mansion. but im no good at interior design. if anyone is good with making the inside of places look good, hit me up. i might have some sort of reward if you do a good job.
  15. heres a bit of insight. google minecraft furniture. In fact there is a valuable website thats called minecraftfurniture.net