Hello, you can call me Tech :)

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  1. Why hello EmpireMinecraft. I yust joined this server and i tought that maybe i can introduce myself! In TheTechGenius and Maybe some of you heard of a player called mini40000. He quit the server months ago im his big brother by the way. He told me that this is a cool server and than i looked into the info i saw very big plots! Also im 13 and soon im getting a new 8GB Intel I3 , Nvidia GTX650 Gaming PC. Maybe some of you may say the fps of minecraft for this PC if you can :)
  2. Welcome to the Empire! :D
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  3. Welcome to the Empire! ^_^
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  4. Welcome aboard!
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  5. Hi! Welcome to the empire! Your name reminds me of someone else on EMC called TechnologyGeek :p He's one of my empire friends.
  6. Welcome aboard the Empire Cruiseline! We hope you enjoy your stay! Also, you're never, ever ever going to leave. We have a Time Lock surrounding the whole boat...however in the time lock it's active... but you won't get out.

    Oh, and i'm 12 years and 512 days old :3 I turn 13 in 2 weeks.
  7. Welcome to EMC! :)
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  8. I feel so welcome :O
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  9. Can you give me the keys to the time machine of yours?
    You seem to have gone past a year there lol
  10. Heeeelloooo and welcome to Empire Minecraft, the best Minecraft Multiplayer SMP server!!!!
    Visit 4444 if you have ever something to celebrate ;)
    Call me Chasca, by the way.
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  11. Ohh... erm... I meant 352 days... not 512 days >.>
    Oh, and yes, here's the key to my time machine:

    And this is the time machine:
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  12. Welcome to EMC! Hope you're having fun! =D
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  13. My skin, and my nickname tech. WE'RE BROS!!!!!!!
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  14. Yaay i'm in a thread! nice to see my friends remember me :D
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  15. At first I thought you posted this thread, then I thought he was your alt.
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  16. Welcome im legowhoes

    For fun

    Do /p Legowhoes to see if im on and if i am get on the server and /tell legowhoes games then on smp7 do /v legowhoes i will give give you perms for gsmes
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  17. Welcome To EMC you will enjoy it here :D
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