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favorite Admin

Jeremy 11 vote(s) 84.6%
Justin 12 vote(s) 92.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Both of them are my Favorite, and Welcome :)
  2. Welcome, are you new here? Or jus bored and started a thread.
  3. why are the only options justin and jeremy? I wanna vote for Chuck Testa!

    EDIT: also, kermit the frog is an AWESOME admin!
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  4. "Hey Justin, could you come check out my re -"
    "NOPE! Chuck Testa!!"
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  5. ya... I WANT MORE OPTIONS...

  6. Well, actually, Chuck Testa doesn't exactly apply to that particular situation. You see, "Chuck Testa," is actually another phrase ( in this case, it's a name) to claim," It isn't!" but when you apply the variable, "It isn't!", it doesn't add up too exactly add the to what the narrorator was intending to say, making the comment very foggy and confusing. Another way to phrase this without Chuck Testa (because it doesn't match with the phrase stated), would be one such as "NOPE! I don't want to because a loser like you built it!"(Not relating to any specific people, just an example.) But, yes, I actually like Justin a little better, no offence or prejudice to any other administrators. Thank you for your time.
  7. well mr. i'msosmart nice message, but justinguy and gamkrib are EQUAL u can get kicked for saying one is better
  8. I would like to see what either of them think about this.
    Plus, Justin is the "Super Admin" if you /p him in game. Jeremy's just a regular old admin.
  9. We all know you and I are the best admins, *wink wink.
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  10. You're right, but I was switching it up a little bit. What I was saying was that an unsuspecting player came across Justin in the road and said "hey!" and then, "nope, just another lifelike reproduction from Chuck Testa!"
    I'm sorry if I bent what it is supposed to be, but let's drop it. I don't like flame wars.
  11. Justin is the owner mate no need to make votes like this ;)
  12. sorry i am new and those 2 are/were the only admins i knew about
  13. They still are :)