Hello to Empire Minecraft. c:

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  1. I was gonna start this off with some sort of pun or rhyme or something, but I just couldn't find the words for it. :p
    (also, oranges are not the best things to rhyme with)
    okay that was fail nvm


    Anyway, my name's Chris, and my favorite Poke' is Flareon, hence my username. :3
    Not that hard to TM28.
    It should also be mentioned I associate myself with the numbers 1, 3, and 6 -- Flareon's Dex# is 136, and all 3 numbers can be found on a 6-sided die. And I am a dice fanatic, lemme tell ya.

    I also go by the nickname Dice on occasion because of my "collection" (and because I have a green cat fan character by the same name) but since seeing my username everyone's just called me Chris since meeting me. And actually...? I don't mind that one bit!

    Anyway, that's about me. Now, about my place...
    I actually plan to build a huge skyward Tavern/Mega Mart in the future. But I'm going to need a lot of material for that, lemme tell ya. (It'll look great when it's done though, even from a bird's-eye view!) This will be for everyone's benefit, since I also plan to sell Iron and Gold Armor for low and reasonable prices, as well as L10 enchanted Wooden Swords. For a list on what possible enchants the Sword will have (they're all random), see this: http://www.minecraft-enchantments.net/item/1.7.2/6-wooden-sword (It's also a great site to use to find out what enchantments you can get on other items at certain levels, along with their chances as well as what enchantments a specific item can have!)

    That being said, I love to help people out. When I do so, 99% of the time I ask for nothing in return. Often, just going out of my way to see someone happy makes me happy as well. :')

    And with that, I'm done with my intro. I look forward to meeting you all! Or... most of you. xD
    P.S. A few last-minute things...

    1. This is actually my 3rd post on the forums, not my 1st. My 1st and 2nd posts were on ClareMuss's B-Day Raffle. :D
    2. Despite this being my introductory post, I joined almost 2 weeks ago. Yeah. I know. I'm slow, ok? >w>;
    3. I live on the same server as ClareMuss as well: smp8. That alone makes me a lucky kitty. c:

    That's about it, I think... owo
    ONE MORE THING -- UM... I overuse emotes. Haha xD
  2. Hello, chris! I am glad you are getting (more) involved in the forums. This is where the action happens ;)
  3. But I thought the action happened on the servers! D:
    Actions DO speak louder than words, right? ;D

    Welp. 5 green mushrooms down the hatch. C:
    (5^2 is actually my friend's favorite number, "Reptillicus," who's also a member of these forums/EMC itself, thanks to me. :D Be sure to look out for him!)
  4. Welcome to the Empire! And iam killaspartan obviously so if you ever see me or need anything just say hi..
  5. Hi Chris and welcome to the Empire. Also if you need anything and I can help, let me know. I'm on smp 3.
  6. Welcome to EMC :D
  7. Flare on I chose you!!! Hey what was ur highest level Pokemon in Pokemon
  8. Welcome to the Empire, Chris! :D
  9. Okay, I'll be sure to give a shout. :D

    Ah, I'll be sure to do that. c: I actually go on smp3 a lot for... reasons... <.<
    *shifty eyes*

    Well, if you must know, all my highest-levels are 100's, so I'll just list those briefly. xD

    Chris -- Flareon (obviously) | Colette -- Clefable (totally not referencing Tales of Symphonia here NOPE)
    Ch33salish -- Venusaur | S3ven -- Charizard | Razor -- Gliscor | Dazer -- Weavile (Razor and Dazer are partners :D)
    Clonk -- Magnezone | Vulcanrona - Volcarona (shiny, original name is original aha) | Synthia -- Scizor
    GLaDUSK -- Dusknoir | Stardust -- Gallade | Gloria -- Ninetales (I always have her in every game; it's a running joke in which I catch a Vulpix and nickname it Holly/Hollie/some other variant, then nickname it Gloria when I evolve it via Fire Stone... and I even sing when that happens: "GLOOOO--OOO,OOO,OOOO,RIA; In excelses deo" XD)
    SolidSnake -- Sableye (Metal Gear aha) | EnemyCrab! -- Crawdaunt (yes, the "!" included) | Mr. Molten -- Magmortar
    Oriana -- Bellossom | DracoScar -- Arcanine | Eclipse -- Absol | Sharon -- Froslass | Mz. Flo -- Noctowl
    BUDDY -- Roserade (was a gift from Reptillicus a long time ago) | PegaFlame -- Rapidash | Billy -- Electrode |
    (all not in any order)

    And there you have it. Some of these even came all the way from Gen IV, if you can believe that. :D
  10. Thank you all! I've barely been here 2 weeks and I've been playing on EMC more than Singleplayer Minecraft. :'D
    It feels like a warm new home to me... =w=
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  11. Welcome to EMC, Chris! I hope you enjoy it :)
  12. O lol I can't quite remember I think I had like lol 60 satrap rot and tortera I'm still working on dat lol 100pikachu xD
  13. Me long time ago:
    *goes on EMC*
    Mojang what's the point of singleplayer ,-,
    BTW my favorite pokemon is evee and any of its evolutions :3
  14. Welcome to The Empire! You'd think after working on it for decades at least we'd have an acceptable rhyme for "orange" but nooooo. Get with it English!
  15. Welcome! It is good to see new members who like to help the community. :)
    If you need anything, look me up. ;)
  16. Glad you are enjoying your stay here. :) Do you play any competitive pokemon?
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  17. Thats what the Empire is to most of us. ( PS i also live on the best EMC server SMP8 )
  18. What your youtube channel name?
  19. Welcome to the Empire!
    I was gonna say that xD

    What is your favorite part of the year?