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  1. I'm loving the Empire Servers and what makes them better is that the community is brilliant *appart from the caps spammers :rolleyes:*And I never thought of putting a post on here because I thought to myself I have been on the Empire Servers for ages and its a bit late but here goes.

    I live on 4373 On smp2 and my second house is on smp2's 3783 where I am building a farm to sell cheap wool because of when I noticed people was buying wool for 20 rupees for 1 blue wool so I'm going to sell mine for 5 rupees (when I have built my shop).

    I love Helping people out so just sent me a message through /ch tell Squizzel_Boy [message] and I will see if I can help. I'm on smp2 most of the time (because that's where my residences are)

    I hope people read this because this took me a while to make on *as in find out I could make one*
    and I hope to be able to help more people out i even have a list on my res 4373 of kind people and good shops I would put the names of the people i have helped but that would be random(well ask me if you want to know).

    I became a gold supporter because it does help the Empire become a better place also i wish i could help in other ways than just give money :(

    Hope To here from you,
    Squizzel_Boy :) 4373-3783
  2. Its never too late to introduce yourself, the forums are great places to meet new people and keep up to date with all the latest news. Glad to have you on the servers, it is always great to know there are wonderful people who enjoy helping people as much as I do. Good luck with your wool farm and your store, and I look forward to seeing you on smp2. :)
  3. Hey :) Welcome to the forums, as stated by Shaun, its never too late to introduce yourself!
  4. How did you know i hade a wool farm :confused: well thanks but I need more luck with people wanting help (I get bored if I don't help) so I sit in my office in my shop waiting to help people with there shopping and building :) So I don't get bored
  5. You mentioned you were starting a wool farm in your original post :)
  6. Squizzel, we joined the site on the same day I believe... How is it that my 'I just joined :)' post was made two months prior to yours..?
  7. Oh that just silly of me;)
  8. i hope you like EMC!
  9. did you really have to ask that question? well of course i do :D why else whould i be a Gold supp
    well if you had read the first part of my post it said

    "I thought to myself I have been on the Empire Servers for ages and its a bit late but here goes."

    And i didnt really look around the server website .
  10. I did read your post.

    I was confused at why it took you two months longer than it took me :p