Hello, this is Echidy!

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  1. You may have seen me on the wonderful streets of the town or you may of heard/won one of my trivia times, I'm just here to let anyone else here know that well, I now play this server! and that I am looking forward to every bit of time spent on it. I have a Very small shop at my house so in game type /visit echidy for a few knick-knacks, lol. I will apply for moderator in a few weeks to a month or so as I feel I need more time to get used to the servers rules and show my responsibility to the moderators themselves. Goodbye everyone!!! -Echidy
    P.S Trivia time today, your chance to win 100 Rupees!, just answer one question.
  2. Good to have you echidy :)
  3. Thankyou JustinGuy
  4. I'm trying to change my avatar at the moment
  5. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  6. like this avatar, I got it from the Empire Minecraft logo!
  7. hi GameKribJEREMY, how are you?
  8. HAXXXX haha
  9. Welcome to the Empire echidy! Hope you have a good time here!
  10. Thanks guys for the support
  11. Bye guys, I probably wont reply for a while, I'm trying to connect to the server
  12. Servers full, I probably would donate if it wasn't a monthly subscription $20 isnt that bad, but not a monthly sub. Ive donated to a server $30 in the past but i dont think the server was worth it, you guys would be for sure
  13. We have a $5.00 a month option as well, which also grants a spot on the server. :)
  14. I know but if i donated I probably would do 20 if anything, as I know how much of a help it is to you guys. P.S. Do mods get a free spot?
  15. Hello there echidy welcome to the AWESOME Empire Minecraft server <3 have fun and enjoy yourself !
  16. Yes, moderators, admins & supporters are above the 45 limit.
  17. :O Klam you almost stole my welcome line xD

    Welcome to the EMPIRE!!!! were the grass is green and the sheep trample your crops!!! (or so i have heard on the last part >.>)
  18. Whaaa. Bumping a thread from October last year..? You okay there echidy lolol?
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  19. Wow why would you bump this thread? it is old, last post was Oct, 27 2011