Hello there!

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  1. Hi,
    Im Azolla of Smp8, and while ive been on EMC for 200ish days I have never really been on the forums... I used the live map but thats it. But I have started going on and its pretty cool here! so I think I'll stick around and get to know people! I also have res's on smp2 smp6 and utopia, though I have a diamond voucher so dunno how long I can stay diamond, XD
  2. Welcome to the diamond voucher redeemer team!
    Yes I got my diamond by my voucher :D
  3. Hi! Welcome to the forums. You'll like it here.
  4. You forgot to mention your best friends kuraudochuu, talukegord, cac32234, electracat, jplafor1, and SeruFaiya. Hai
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  5. Tis true, they're good people ^_^
  6. :cool: Welcome to the forums! :D
  7. Hi, my name is Botan1313 from smp2 and this is my very first time being on a multiplayer server, I hope I will get used to it soon, the live map is very helpful though so I won't get too lost.