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  1. Well hello there, only been here a long little time, just gonna introduce myself. I go by Marc usually, I'm a youtuber, and I use a few other accounts on here, most known one would be QuarterStop probably. Some of my alternatives (not all - their secrets!!) YOU12MAEC, QuarterStop, HalfStop, and MiarcBros. I'll be hosting a 2 year party Hopefully on March 1st, so look for a thread soon. :)
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  2. Hi Marc.....
    I have a diamond in my possession named "miarcbros" ...... Wonder how I got that????? :)

    EDIT........ 1st :p
  3. hehehehe, diamond might be suggesting something buddy :p
  4. Possibly something to do with YouTube perhaps?????
  5. mhmmm