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  1. Hi there, im Republic Knight and im new to Empire Minecraft and i wanted to introduce myself. I have but one question. When I try to get on any server it says my connection is lost do to a bad login. As such I have not been able to play at all.
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  2. Welcome to the Empire. Have you tried turned restarting you computer?
  3. I will try that
  4. Thank you zSlumDog. That did it. Im on server smp5.Empire.us
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  5. Happy to help.
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  6. Now is says End of Stream and keeps disconnecting. Any ideas as to what is happening
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  7. Once again does anyone know whats happening?
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  8. hmm, try restarting your computer, that might help.
    ( im not really of a computer person ) :p
  9. Welcome to Smp5, I live at 10615 in the same server.
  10. ah you probably found us on MineStatus! Our desc doesn't really show that we have 10 servers lol.. I'm on Smp1.. If I happen to be on smp5 I'll be sure to visit you ;)
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  11. Thanks guys. I heard about this from a friend of mine by the name of Richmond. He is part of the Empire as well.
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  12. Welcome! Be a good boy and read the EMPIRE GUIDE.