Hello! SyMa is in the house.

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Ive been on this server for about a week and i havent made a post about myself yet. :O

    So my name is SyMadude23 - Sy comes from my last name and Ma is part of my first name which is Max. Dude cause ima guy ;o and 23 is my lucky number

    I am also refered to as SyMa or madude, otherwise you can just call me Max.

    I enjoy "trollin" people cause thats how i am, i browse memebase a lot and i love rage comics.

    I am *Forever Alone* as my relationship status XD, but i hope that i can find someone liek me and we can has some fun, even if its someone from this server :eek:.

    I am currently 15, my birthday is may 28, i have a job at a computer repair store, but im not nerdy at all. I am a very fun and athletic person who loves having funny conversations on skype and all that jazz.

    If you want to chat me up then my skype username is: SyMadude23 (who could have guessed that? XD)

    Umm thats all i can think of. I have a lot of moderating experience with a lot of popular/first-page-mcserverlist servers, so i hopefully can land a job here in this one because i really think this server is very professional.

    Thats all i can think of NOW, regretting i said it before and too lazy to edit it out XD. So i hope to see you all in-game and in skype. Peace~

  2. Yea i usually keep my trolling down to a minimum in public. I only trol people that know me as a troller, so i dont offend or make someone mad XD.

    Sorry for not making that clear SIR!

  3. welcome to the EMPIRE! so you troll eh? /b/,meme, or just a person that has adopted the title of troll(this is irrelevant but i am curious lol) but anyways welcome again and enjoy the empire!
  4. i talk in memes sometimes XD

    *Close enough*
  5. oh well played sir well played indeed :D