Hello people of the greatest server ever!

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  1. Hello all,
    ElectricKiwi here and I am here to say hi. And thats pretty much it. So yeah whats up people?
    EDIT: Also can someone please tell me how to change the color of the website? thanks!
  2. Welcome Kiwi, I love fruit! :D Hope you have a good time here and let us know if you have any questions!
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  3. I've met you in game and you're exactly like me. Just saying :p
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  4. Good times my friend.
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  5. Welcome to the Empire! :p
  6. In the top right of the page click the arrow next to your name, it's under Preferences in the Style box.
  7. Hello! To change the color of the website, go down to the very bottom. You will see Minecraftopia game guide, don't click on it. Look to the right and you will see Dark-Orange. Click on it and you can change the color of the website!
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  8. Thank you! now the website is a stylish purple :cool:

    and you too :p
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  9. lol welcome but i believe ur the ALT of uglydragon, correct? :p
  10. Shhhhhhh technically this will be my main account now.
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  11. Yay! Welcome! You're uglydragon, right?
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  12. Welcome to EMC! :)
  13. I felt like I should post this.
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  14. Hello and Welcome to the Empire! :D Hope you enjoy your time here and hope to see you around on the forums or in game! :) What server do you live on?
  15. I live on 8 with mah good friend Talukegord.
  16. :cool: Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
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  17. Welcome to the best community ever