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  1. Hello im new in this server and also the game so im just passing by the forum just to say HELLO :D also i havea problem i cant join the server i dont know why please i requirefor your help. Please treat me well i am still a begginer
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  2. Welcome to EMC :) Have you tried connecting with play.emc.gs? That should work. If not, be sure you are running the latest version of java and then try again. PM me if you ever need anything.
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  3. hai
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  4. Hi. Welcome. You shall enjoy EMC. Yay. *Drinks a cup of liquid enthusiasm* Yes! So glad to see a new player! I know that you'll love EMC!
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  5. Welcome to EMC! :D
  6. I'm 100% Sure you will enjoy it here!
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  7. Welcome to the Empire! :)