Hello people and creepers!

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  1. I am currently standing on a pillar in the middle of the wilderness in the middle of the night with nothing to do so I'll just post this intro thread. I'm InvisibleUp, the guy who really is not good at coming up with names. I've been on this server for somewhere around a week, and I must say it's the one server that actually makes sense. There's a defined wilderness, a defined place to build, it's the perfect MC server. That's all I've got to say for now.
  2. Hi!
    Please be welcome to Empire Minecraft Servers!
    I'm really sorry that you are with tons of creeeeeeepersssssSSss around you :( maybe jumping like rambo and runing would be a nice idea? :p

    Good Luck, Have Fun!
  3. I got home safely. By being a coward and standing on a dirt pillar. But hey, I got nearly two stacks of wool. That's all I asked for, really. Also, yes I did remove it. :p
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  4. That is, awesome! :D