Hello(no im not a girl)(neither is my character)

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  1. Well my minecraft has 1 fps if i dont play on multiplayer. Ur server is awesome and i will be devoting all my minecraft time to making it even better
  2. Glad to have you! And lol 1 fps, that is harsh :p
  3. Wow 1 fps... my fps is 2 more than you. sometimes 5 more.... BAD! I want an Alienware so badly!!!
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  4. Welcome to the empire. If you turn down the settings (yes it would look crapper) you should get more FPS
  5. I tried turning down the settings and it doesnt work:( doesn't matter i prefer playing on smp anyways :)
    Can any of u tell me what happened to the wasteland?(And if u guys have new lots yet?)
  6. alienware went out. they arent any good anymore now that its a Dell company. i used to want one too
  7. They're still so damn sexy though...
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  8. whats wrong with dell? my last 2 computers were dells and I had 0 problems

    wait how did alienware and dell even get into this thread?
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  9. ^Like that. :cool:
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  10. Hi there, and females rule, jus' sayin'...
  11. i see i didn't see flyingarticles saying he wanted an alienware
  12. Agreed. :p
  13. Haha, thanks!
  14. Welcome to the server, enjoy your stay.