HellO My name is Remy

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  1. Hai! Well, thats what I'll say on the server anyways. Imremyparren .

    I go on a smp4 I'll probably come on the server quie often in the future. My base residence is on smp4 ..See you there!
  2. Welcome to EMC Remy :)
  3. Is that the skin on your miner?
  4. Welcome to the Empire! Feel free to come stop by any of the other servers (like smp2).
  5. cnicholls I would remove that asap, its not allowed to link pictures like that!
  6. Welcome to The Empire! Enjoy all the nice players, and hopefuly you'll become a regular :p
  7. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! Hope you like it!
  8. Boo, you're no fun!
  9. You understand we got people under a certain age here, so its not responsible for them to see such things. Its also against the rules.
  10. Well Thats a nice Hellow from all of you I will be on every day from now on !! so thats how it is going to be :)

    i dont know if i can make it to join more smp but we will see :) 1st i need to get big on smp4
  11. btw when do some one get an active member ?
  12. After posting a certain amount of posts, I don't exactly know how much. I always have Diamond Supporter :)
  13. aaaa :) oke a well we will see how it goed ty for the info ;)
  14. I would be a well known member but I'm a supporter so it doesn't show :(
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  15. Hello great community of the Empire!

    I've come up with a fun project! My idea is to combine EMC's best residences from ALL servers (SMP 1-9 + Utopia) into One nice singleplayer map for all you Emperians to play in!
    Partners in Crime:
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  16. Thare is your name mate
    :) i know i seen it some whare
  17. Welcome to EMC, Remy. Hope you have a lot of fun here.

    By the way, if that is your skin, you're going to have to change it. Consider this a friendly warning.
  18. well some one uploaded the skinn for me ill make a few changes ;)

    (A) no harm My girl is 19 years :p
  19. I changed it :) so i hope this is oke ..