hello my name is kevin

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  1. How do i get into a server
  2. Unfortunately there are only 45 spots available on every server (60 on SMP1). You will have to keep trying until you get in. The best time to get in is late at night or early morning (this is a very popular server!). You can also become a supporter (just 5 bucks to get a reserved slot on all servers).

    Welcome to the Empire! I really hope you get the chance to see how cool it is. It is totally worth supporting!
  3. i like base ball (Angels) i like to build stuff and smelt stuff, and im a noob who dosent know how to get into the sever
  4. so when one is open how do i get in
  5. Ah I think I understand your question. Go to Multiplayer in your Minecraft client, click join server and type smp4.www.empireminecraft.com. All of the different servers are listed here but your best bet at getting a residence is on server 4. Also, be sure to read all of the guide before playing :)
  6. nvm i got it
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  7. welcome to the server kevin! i hope you enjoy your stay on EMC :)
  8. I hope you read ALL the rules :D well Welcome To The Empire
  9. haha nom nom
  10. hello kevin my name is Coleballer, AKA Cole, everyone calls me cole. smp2 is the best server so put the smp2.empireminecraft.com in the ip box and when u get connected to the server type /v 3740 an it should take u to my residence where ill tell u everything and all the things to do :)