Hello Minecraftians

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  1. I am a newly bought player, im a GIRL, and I beat the ender dragon ten minutes after i bought Minecraft. I also love to troll minecraftians, trapped mazes, faulty rollercoasters, all that shibang.
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  2. Welcome to EMC! Have a great time
  3. Welcome to Empire Minecraft. Enjoy your stay and let it be long.
  4. How much would an Unbreaking II Diamond Pickaxe be worth?
    Welcome To EMC!
  5. Please dont Hijack a thread, If you want to know how much this pickaxe is worth, talk in game or create your own thread
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  6. Ok. Sorry.
  7. NOWAI
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  8. Girls? Uhhh.... What are those? xD
    Anyways, welcome to the Empire! I really hope you're not finished with US after 10 minutes....
  9. lol right Secret... anyways Welcome to EMC, come to Smp5 sometime some of us are normal but most love to have great time
  10. I've also been hearing this talk about sunlight.. do we need it?
    LOL Jk all in good fun :p but anyways, Welcome to the Empire, Alura and may your time here be amazing and to the full potential.
  11. All the girls are coming to EMC cause of the hunger games event were having, and cause of all the available guys ;)
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  12. Girls don't exist.

    Welcome ^.^
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  13. Well, as far as I can tell you're a girl, a very pretty one Hayley ;)
  14. bahaha nice
  15. Awwww :) thanks yankees!
  16. Welcome. What server do you plan to reside in?
    PS:Did you beat the ender dragon 10 times in creative or in survival?
  17. Well, I can't tell a lie on the internet :p Maybe in real life, but not on the internet. And your profile pic says it all :)
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  18. dont make me delete posts yankees >.>... this one is taken...
  19. Welcome to EMC :D
  20. Oops that smile was supposed to be a D.
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