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  1. I'm GenericBlackGuy (a.k.a GenBlkGuy for short) I'm on the SMP9 server and I like nice moon walks on the beach while fending off creepers and I dislike kleptomanics like Endermens. I'm not the forums as much but since my boat got struck by lightning I might as well relax for a bit until it passes. So how are you all today?
  2. Welcome to EMC!
    Im very good today!
  3. You will bow down to EMC, resistance is futile.

    Also, welcome to EMC! :D
  4. Welcome to EMC! Since nobody ever asks this question any more, "How did you hear about EMC?
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  5. Well, I was looking for MP server to play when I came across Minecraftopia from the Minecraft Community site...it was the top recommended, so I figure I'd give it a try.
  6. Welcome to EMC, friend! Hope you enjoy yourself here. :) However, I kinda like endermen...
  7. Welcome to EMC
    obey minimoose dislike joshposh70 and you'll be like me
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  8. you know.... find any zombies they are my kill!, welcome to EMC my friend
  9. Thanks everyone, I might notfight every Enderman but if it steals something from my wild house, it's going down; oh sorry Zombieslayer I had to take out some zombies but I'll make sure to leave you some for you; and Invader Zim FTW.
  10. Welcome to the Empire! d=:D=b
  11. if you find my chest north of the north outpost on 7. Please tell me.
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  12. Welcome To EMC hope you have fun and meet new online friends
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  13. EMC is very fun when you get the hang of it. But when someone like Pariah comes around it ruins it for everyone.. :\
  14. Welcome to EMC! OBEY ICC OBEY ICC OBEY ICC....do you guys think my hiptnotism(how ever you spell it) worked on him? I think it did.
  15. Welcome to the empire!
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