Hello, meow!

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  1. Hello Empire, I have come from planet minecraft website from your ad, and I decided to come see what this is about!

    Aaaaaaannnnnnyyyyyyyywais so can you guys tell me what you find so special about this place, before I finally come home and check it out meowself? I would be purrfectly content to hear what you guys have to say!

    Now I leave you with this kitten randomly found on google img search.

    This cat is probably stalking someone's foot. Meow!
  2. Welcome to the Empire! I take it you like cats huh? XD

    I think the most special thing about EMC is its community. Everyone (mostly) is really welcoming and friendly and you can make great friends here. The custom plugins and stuff are nice too :)
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  3. Welcome! meow :3, Enjoy your stay and have fun!

    I agree with cddm95ace the special thing about emc is the community!
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  4. Community is awesome. You get a 60x60 plot of land. Custom items and mobs. You joined right before we hold our 70,000 member celebration.
  5. I have 4 cats, and all I hear is them meowing while I read this
    Welcome! I love the people on emc, we're a one of a kind gaming group and how much different things you can do.
    Everyone has a different group, outpost(A town outside of town), or project that you can help along with
  6. Welcome! Meow may I help get started?
    The wiki is great for learning how to set up technical stuff :p Empire Minecraft Wiki
  7. Hello everyone who has responded. Yes, I do like cats, I have 3 of the darlings. Two girls, and a boy (all fixed so no kittens). Their names are Lollie, Sassy, and Bertie.
    Lollie likes to lounge around, while Sassy likes to hide, stalk, and attack her prey. Bertie likes to irritate Lollie when she is trying to sleep, and play with Sassy. My favorite thing is when they all nap together.
    They all like to gang up on me, and meow for food when ever it's time to eat, hehe.

    The custom items and mobs stuff sounds interesting. I noticed there is a wiki tab so in my spare time I will be reading that, maybe it'll have more information on these topics? I do hope so, as that would be pawesome. :D

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  8. I have 4 female cats named Puss, Boots, Phatunia, and Day-Z
    Puss is skittish but likes milk and lasers
    Boots is mature and like hot cable boxes and tvs
    Phatunia is the biggest bully ever and like knocking the toilet paper into the toilet then into her litter box
    Day-z like laser pointers and dislike water
    Also if you need any tips of help with anything on emc, you can always find me online using /p Chizmaro or you can pm here..or even add my skype :)
  9. Welcome to the Empire!!!!! What server you be staying on?
  10. ...
    dress it up as a zombie whenever possible.
  11. Meow!!!
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  12. cat thread? cat thread
  13. I like nekos and cats too hehe - hence both my skins being neko boys :3
    Welcome to empire
  14. It was more after the rapper :p
  15. :cool: Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
  16. Whats good about emc? Hackers get repelled almost instantly thanks to our awesome staff, our community is vast and consistent(you wont be seeing this server dying anytime soon), when mc gets boring (long between patches)the emc-dev's add extra emc-only stuff from time to time(not to big changes mind you. we stil want it to be as vanilla as possible), and our currency system is the best ive seen on any minecraft server (not so easly exploitable as everywhere else)

    Oh and yeah... welcome! :)
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  17. Welcome to the empire. :D Meow!!!!!!!
  18. Welcome to EMC, hope you enjoy your stay in EMC :D. And also now with you we have more cats members :D.
  19. Welcome to the Empire! One of me favorite things about this server is town, it's a nice to build where it is safe and not have a creeper blow it to bits. And a lot of other amazing buildings to check out and be inspired by. The shop system is great, not having to wait for someone to show up to their store and "open" it. And having a server made just for resource gather is wonderful. The staff are very helpful and very generous of their time. I could go on... This hands down is one of the best survival servers, period! :D
  20. We're glad to have you! Welcome :) The community, custom features, staff and the homely feeling to the server :)